Together. Everywhere. All the time.


Together. Everywhere. All the time.

THE SORORITY's first objective is to ensure the protection and safety of everyone. All together.

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How to ensure our safety ?

By helping each other. By acting on the moment. By being there for the woman next to you.

Together, everywhere, all the time.


THE SORORITY app includes a geolocation, alerting and online chat system in case of threat :

  • The user facing a danger or threat will have the possibility to quickly activate the "ALERT" function via the application. Community members within a pre-defined radius (selected byt the user) will be immediately informed that a user has made a call for help

  • Users will see the position, name and photo of this person displayed on their screen so that they can quickly identify her and help her (shout her name, talk to her, get closer, ask someone for help, contact the authorities, etc.). (e.g., ensure that the threat ceases before the delinquent/crime/trauma occurs).

  • Community members will be able to contact the user in danger to obtain more information if necessary, reassure her, keep her informed of the intervention in progress, give her instructions, etc. 

  • They will also be able to notify the community as soon as they intervene, which will make it possible to :

    • Be able to visualize all the intervening users in this way, and to exchange with them ;

    • Do not feel alone to intervene and therefore not be afraid to act. Motivate to act;

    • Create this group, solidarity and mutual aid effect that will have a significant impact on the ongoing and future aggressions.


To be complete, the application will also :

- Inform the competent authorities and help centers promptly ;

- Activate a loud and identifiable audible warning to attract the attention of other passengers / pedestrians / neighbours and destabilize the aggressor(s).

- Give the possibility to display a help request message on the screen of the phone so that user can discreetly alert and ask for help.


The idea is to act as quickly as possible, at the right time, to stop the attack and release the victim. All this without ever putting yourself/anyone in danger.


What to do in the moment :

Shout loudly the name of the user in danger, get close to her. Try to get in physical contact with the victim. Ring the bell or knock on the door. Get in conversation with her. Be here for her.

Where :

In the subway, in the street, at the office, at home, on vacation. Everywhere.

How :

You got it : The more we are in the Community, the more we will be connected to each other and the more we will be able to ensure our security. By acting. 

The more we act every day, the more things will change.

Together. Everywhere. All the time.

Let's take action.


REMINDER : 100% of aggressors doesn't stand drawing attention …



Together. Let build and grow our confidence. Let's rech our dreams.

 THE SORORITY's second objective is to give us the courage to dare, to learn, and to undertake.


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How to take action ?

By helping each other. By sharing your knowledge. By not being afraid to ask for help.

Together, everywhere, all the time.


THE SORORITY app provides a complete tool for sharing and exchanges between users, which purpose is to promote and facilitate mutual assistance between women.

Each user can fill in her space her current skills and passions of the moment. But also her interests and desires to learn. The fields can range from sports and spiritual practices to entrepreneurship and legal or financial expertise. As many areas covered as there are users contributing to them.

  • A relevant and personalized news feed according to your interests and aspirations

  • An expression space for sharing useful information, advice and requests for help

  • A search module for quick/direct access to quality content

  • An online chat (Subject Groups, Private Groups, One to One) for instant exchanges and quick responses to take actions without delay

  • A map to locate the community members in real time but also events and places that meet the user's expectations and be able to easily exchange, share, build and learn together in real life.


The idea is to break down our own barriers : the fear of asking for help, of not feeling legitimate to give advice / your expertise, the fear of disturbing, of undertaking, of doing, of failing. The multiple excuses of not having enough time, money,  or the right studies/training.


How does it work :

Are you interested in a field ? Do you want to start a project ? Learn more about anything ?

Type keywords into the search engine and find articles, people, companies, associations, group discussions, relevant events that will allow you to move forward in your thinking, get and give information and advice, engage a conversation, surround yourself, participate, feel useful, take action.

Where :

In the subway, in the street, at the office, at home, on vacation. Everywhere.

Together. Everywhere. All the time.

Let's support each other.

REMINDER : We are all legitimate to help each other. No need to be a Coach, Expert or in a particular position to be Competent and Passionate.